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Repair Coverage

Affordable Repair Coverage

Technician with Broken Screen

Repair Coverage

A service like no other. Quality repairs and quality parts by a name you trust. 

Repairs done right!

Affordable Coverage

Never before has a service offered the flexibility that this service does.

Missed a payment? No problem

Want to pay in cash? No problem

Want automatic payments? No Problem

Coverage goes until you cancel!

Fixing a Smartphone

Customer Discounts

Possibly the best part of this service is customers receive a 10% discount on non-covered repairs.

Devices not covered under this service can still qualify for the 10% discount on repairs.

*Not all repairs will qualify for this discount.



Simple Repairs

Moderate Repairs

Extensive Repairs
















*Simple repairs will consist of items like: charging ports, some batteries, some cameras, etc.

*Moderate repairs will consist of items like: expensive batteries, expensive cameras, most screens, etc.

*Extensive repairs will consist of: Expensive screens or instances where multiple parts need to replaced.

*Pricing is subject to change and a limit of two covered repairs in a 12 month period.

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